Berniece director and owner is a visionary image-maker who has rapidly become a high-end trusted Photographer and industry event specialist focused on establishing a international clientele that is innovative and creative by offering emerging and established labels with unique runway and brand coverage & creating opportunities in the marketplace, connecting with designers, industry professionals consumers, media and buyers.

Celebrating and nurturing these key clients. Berniece also provides an end to end production approach.

Berniece specialises in:
· Runway photography
· Commercial Photography
· Press & Editorial Photography

Production offering:
· Provides the structure and support for the overall vision of creative project
· Source videographers/extended photographers and/or directors for projects according to project requirements
· Oversee and ensure the project meets and exceeds client and agency expectations, delivering on time and on budget.
· Hire and manage crew, talent and vendors
· Negotiate fees and contracts
· Hire and supervise art direction/set design and styling
· Create call sheets, production books, shoot itineraries
· Studio services, equipment rentals, motorhome, travel, transportation etc.
· Operate and manage digital casting, street casting and video casting
· Source and run test shoots for models and talent
· Creative direction on Site location
· Supervise post production editing

Reflextions Photography Commercial Studio: Na Maninách 29 Holešovice, Prague 7 has optimal space 137m2 with 8m high ceilings

Reflextions Photography Studio is located in Prague 7 "Holešovice" situated near the Vltava River. In the past it was a heavily industrial suburb; today it is home to the main site of the Prague's National Gallery, theVeletržní palác, and one of the largest railway stations in Prague, Nádraží Holešovice. The former Holešovice brewery has been converted from 1895  complemented by 5-8m high ceilings into mixed-use development including apartments, offices and shops where Reflextions photography studio is situated.